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With the year-by-year increasing air passenger traffic, maintaining and improving the level of aviation safety is a continuous challenge for international airport operators. In case of an expected or occurring aviation incident, currently the alarm chain could take roughly 15 minutes till all organisations that are involved in the incident recovery are notified.

During this alert process, information is often distorted or lost, making it even more difficult for the involved organisations to intervene effectively.

In 2019 Alairt Aviation Services Kft. was founded with the goal of providing integrated, fast and effective, disinformation-free solutions for aerodrome operators to meet increasing demands and regulatory requirements. ALAIRT specialises in aerodrome operation services with specific emphasis on Emergency Alerting System (EAS). Over the few years, we fine-tuned the vision on how to modernise aerodrome operation tools and services and we are continuously developing our solutions for customers.

ALAIRT can be used any industry where alerting procedures are used.

What is ALAIRT

ALAIRT is an emergency alerting system which assists recovery from expected and occured aeronautical incidents and accidents. It also provides immediate information to affected organisations about any other events, where intervention is necessary or there is deviation from the standard operations.

Operation of ALAIRT

Access to the Alairt service is restricted to authorised personnel with explicit roles. After filling a brief form, the operator submits the alarm with one click, which is then immediately received by all affected organisations, without the risk of any delays or misinformation.

The system sends specific tasks to all parties depending on the nature of the event and the role to be performed, so they can depart to the location of the event immediately. The application is installed on a portable device (tablet), which allows the involved person to follow the status of theincident on the field as well. The system allows the operator to react to the changing circumstances, enabling him/her to send changes instantly to the affected person after quick modification of the provided information, which greatly increases the effectiveness and reduces delays and reduces delays of the intervention.

The whole process of the recovery is documented, which greatly facilitates any subsequent investigation by the authorities.

ALAIRT's key features

It provides a solution to get the most optimized process in emergency alerting. Granting user access to the system enables the users to view, manage and actively participate in emergency processes and situations.

User Friendly

Full screen pop-up message, segmented structure,
all functions are easily accessible.

Quick Confirmation

Confirmation can be done with one whisk. (date of delivery logged) .

Multi Language Support

The system can be available in any language.


All participants receive immediate notification. The time of the confirmation can be seen instantly.


Users getting just the right and relevant instructions from the emergency manual.


All participants receive event- and organization-specific tasks and notifications.

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